Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Divining Moments - Alison O'Donnell and David Colohan - June Wyrd Artists

Join Alison O'Donnell and David Colohan (aka United Bible Studies), our Wyrd Artists for June for two performances this month in the UK! You can catch them at the Babar Cafe as part of Weirdshire on Thursday 27th June and at the Leigh on Sea Folk Festival on June 30th.

They created an incredible piece of music "Deadly Nest"  for the Wyrd Kalendar album inspired by the story "June Bug".

You can hear it and buy the album here.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

The Dee Day Do Mix!

It is the Dee Day Do! Celebrate Doctor John Dee with this new mix from the Wyrd Kalendar. With tracks from Damon Albarn, Roy Orbison, Pink Floyd, Arcade Fire, Elbow, Nick Drake, The White Stripes, Matt Berry, Black Sabbath, The Doors, David Bowie, Moon Wiring Club, Gavin Friday, The Velvet Underground, PM Dawn, The Cult, The Ruby Suns, Ivor Cutler, Rufus Wainwright, Scroobius Pip Versus Dan le Sac, The Dee Felicio Trio, X, Doris Day, Tir na nOg, Frank Zappa, Dolly Dolly, Soundhog, The Mortlake Bookclub and Mick Smiley. This mix also include extracts from Derek Jarman's "Jubilee", the Wyrd Kalendar and an interview with Peter Jimerson of the Fork Horror Revival.

Dee Day Do - The Dee Gallery by Andy Paciorek

The next event of the Dee Day Do is a look at the art of Andy Paciorek...

The sketches from "Presences" are those of faces he "saw hypnagogically on the edge of sleep at a time he had been reading The Book of Enoch and which he subsequentally associated with the Grigori - The Watchers ~ angels that Kelley and Dee communicated with."

Also included in this collection is a portrait of Dee from The Mirror Obsidian book project and a picture of Necromancers from the Strange Lands book.

Dee Day Do Doc!

I hope you had a Dee-licious lunch! Now before you have a slice of Soul cake and a cup of Dee settle down with this Channel Four Documentary - "Masters of Darkness - John Dee"  Let's watch it together! Tell us what you think below!

Dee Day Do! Make your Cut out and Keep Scrying Mirror!

It's the Dee Day Do!
Now before we break for a Dee-licious lunch it's time for some collective colouring! Wyrd Kalendar have made a special Scrying Mirror kit just for you! Get your best black crayons out!  
Tickets for the next corporeal Folk Horror Festival in Whitby are available to purchase here...

It's Dee Day!

It's Dee Day!
It's time for the Dee Day Do!

To launch this special day Phil Breach has written a poem just for Doctor Dee.

The Dee Day Do
Phil Breach

I met him down in Mortlake when the Sun stood still.
It's the Dee Day Do Day!
The Dee Day Do!
And we sang a Song of Summer on the Primrose Hill.
It's the Dee Day Do Day!
The Dee Day Do!

O how the morn was chill!
O he had such a skill!
But I swear that we did no ill.
It's the Dee Day Do Day!
The Dee Day Do!

In Enochian he canted at the Solstice sky.
It's the Dee Day Do Day!
The Dee Day Do!
And I heard the voice of angels as they made reply.
It's the Dee Day Do Day!
The Dee Day Do!

O let me testify!
O how the flames leapt high!
I saw the mighty angels fly.
It's the Dee Day Do Day!
The Dee Day Do!

We sang that Song of Summer with the Wingéd Choir.
It's the Dee Day Do Day!
The Dee Day Do!
And he told me of the founding of a great empire.
It's the Dee Day Do Day!
The Dee Day Do!

O it was his great desire!
O how he did inspire!
That morn at the Solstice fire.

It's the Dee Day Do Day!

You can listen to it here read by the Kalendar Host...

Monday, 20 May 2019

The Dee Day Do Online Festival - Saturday May 25th

Wyrd Kalendar and  Folk Horror Revival are joining forces to bring you a mini online festival in honour of the great Doctor John Dee. It was on this day that Doctor Dee royal astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I was able to look into the future using his scrying mirror.

Celebrate this event by joining in our special Dee Day Do!

Marvel at  Dr Dee's actual mirror at the British Museum in Jim Peters' special presentation!
Dance, jig and sway to the Wyrd Kalendar Dee Day do mix!
Watch A Dr Dee Documentary with fellow Dee fans!
Make your own Scrying mirror!

You can keep up with all of these events as they happen right here on the Wyrd Kalendar blog or on the Folk Horror Revival Facebook group.

While you wait catch up with all things Dee right here...