The Wyrd Kalendar Book

Open the Wyrd Kalendar and explore the year with eyes that are not your own…

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Join Chris Lambert and Andy Paciorek as they guide you through the twelve months of the year weaving twelve tales of Magic, Murder, Terror, Love and the Wyrd. Hold to the resolution in January… Seek to do more with those missing days in February… Avoid the madness of the March hare… Become the fool in April… Dance around Aunt May… Protect and nurture the June bug… Celebrate Grotto Day in July… Fall in love and weep in August… Let it all fall in September… Prepare for the October harvest… Avoid November sin… Do not let December find you out… “Gripping, sometimes terrifying but always surprising: this is the year described in the Wyrd Kalendar. Live it if you dare…” – Sebastian Baczkiewicz - Creator of BBC Radio 4’s “Pilgrim

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