Monday, 20 February 2017

Catch the pancake...

Image result for the enormous pancake
"Shrive thee pancake! Do not smile at me oh sinner made from egg and flour!" said the little boy in a righteous fury.

Are you ready to shrive?
Next week is Shrove Tuesday, a day in which you must make confession and be rid of your past sins in the same way you will get rid of all your leftovers in a pancake.

@Dr Bob Nicholson 'The Runaway Pancake' (The Child's Companion, 1879). RUN LITTLE PANCAKE! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!  @Dr Bob Nicholson Spolier Alert: the pancake escaped, but its "adventures were ended forever" by a seemingly-polite pig who tricked and ate it.:
This  pancake did not confess.
They will catch it... it will shrive... and then it shall be eaten as all sinners are...
Do not make the same mistake...

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