Sunday, 16 April 2017

HAPPY ĒOSTRE! (10 things to do this ĒOSTRE weekend!)


1. Dress just like your favourite pagan goddess! Make a Hare mask and pop it on your head! (ĒOSTRE could turn herself into a hare and so should you!)
2. Have an Easter egg hunt! (Though do this on a carriage pulled by woodland creatures armed with a spear).
3. Eat a Hot Cross Bun! It represents the four quarters of the year. (If you have two many hot cross buns they can be used to make a splendid Bread and Butter Pudding!)
4. Make some mead and drink it out of an egg cup!
5. Chant “Hail ĒOSTRE!” and throw the mead into the air ensuring that lots of it lands on you.
6. Paint a hardboiled egg.
7. Plant seedlings.
8. Eat chocolate - ĒOSTRE loves chocolate! (According to  Cadbury)
9. Make a statue of ĒOSTRE out of sticks and leaves with an offering of seeds beside it.
10. Enjoy the spring! Pick a flower and invite it into your house to share your Sunday lunch!

If you lose this list there is a handy "cut out and keep" version below for you to cut out and keep.

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