Monday, 22 May 2017

Plan your Dee Day Do!

It's time to plan your Dee Day Do!

Firstly send out your invitations.
We have made a cut out and keep invite for you to cut out and keep.

Display a poster.
Here is one for you to print and display in your window, on your door or outside your hovel.

There follows a list of things you will need to get ready:
1. Your playlist - ensure that you have suitable tracks such as "Scrying" by Roy Orbison,"Scrying in the Rain" by A-ha or "Scry baby scry" by The Beatles. If you don't have time to make a playlist you could purchase "Now that's what I call Dee" which contains all the tracks you'll need...

2. Alchemy Cake - it is traditional to bake an Alchemy Crumble on Dee Day. For the recipe explore The Lost Book of Magickal Recipes by Dr Dee (there is an updated edition annotated by Fanny Craddock available online).
3. Put up Black Scrying bunting. (This is available from Morrisons) Be aware that scrying bunting is very effective and you may see spirits in every little triangular bunt.
4. Hang Crystal Balls on your hawthorn tree. The Dee Tree (as it is known) is a newly chopped hawthorn, brought into the centre of a house, adorned in little crystal balls. 

For more details on what to do at your Dee Day Do you can facetime John Dee via Scry.

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